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Heres the tracklist to those who wanted it :

  1. Hardwell & MAKJ - Countdown 
  2. Dannic & Sick Individuals - Blueprint 
  3. MAKJ & M35 - Revolution (Original Mix)
  4. Manuel Galey - Show Me (Blasterjaxx Remix)
  5. Martin Garrix - Animals (Milk N Cookies Festival Remix)
  6. twoloud - Big Bang (Original Mix)
  7. Blasterjaxx - Faith (Swede Dreams Remix)
  8. Blasterjaxx - Fifteen 
  9. Shermanology & Amba Shepherd - Who We Are (Club Mix)

listen and enjoy

and you guys will be getting a free track by me soon thanks


ahhh best mixx. Lovee thiss


The sickest mix i have done 

(via h-alllucinate)

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